Thanksgiving Language Game in the Speech Room

I hope everyone is enjoying my blog and activities so far.  I am having a great time creating activities/games, blog posts, etc.  Today with some of my groups, we played my Thanksgiving Language Game!  Remember, you can grab this FREEBIE over at my teacherspayteachers page!  Please leave me some

Super Owl Riddles Activity!

I am so excited to introduce my second speech/language activity!  I feel as though it can be used all year round and is appropriate for elementary school students.  I have started using imagery for many of my students (i.e. "Close your eyes and picture sitting in your kitchen. What are some

My First TPT Activity!!!!

I am beyond excited to be posting my first FREE TPT activity.  It is a Thanksgiving themed activity targeting Auditory Memory and Listening Comprehension. There are 12 pages in total. The Auditory Memory cards are targeted at the word level (4 words to repeat in order) and sentence level (approx.

Creating and Organizing a Friendly Speech Room

I believe that if you have an organized speech room with fun and interesting decorations, posters, etc. that therapy and the day goes by much more smoothly!  Do you agree?  I wanted to share some of the organization ideas as well as a few cute decorations I have in my speech room.  So here we


Welcome everyone!!This will certainly be a work in process but I needed to start somewhere!  As I'm sure most of you have seen and visited, there are so many amazing speech and language blogs out there.  I can not get enough of their posts, materials, and activity ideas!  With that said, I decided