Reflecting after ASHA & A {GIVEAWAY}!


Hey everyone!  If your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Feeds were anything like mine the last few days, they were filled with posts and pictures from ASHA.  I was fortunate enough to attend this years convention AND have a booth with 13 of my SLP Blogger friends!  My mind is still racing with excitement from all of the amazing SLPs I met, workshops I attended, social events, and much more.
file-nov-21-9-00-35-pm Attendance at the convention this year was record breaking!  To see so many professionals come together in one place in order to build, learn, and network with each other was truly heart warming.  I was also overwhelmed with the amount of people who stopped by our booth just to say “hi” and thank us for sharing therapy ideas through our blogs, creating functional materials/activities, offering support, and answering questions about lessons, techniques, etc.  I never in my wildest dreams expected to hear so many kind things from all of you.  As I sit here writing this post, and reflecting on ALL of my experiences, tears are filling up in my eyes.  Those are tears of JOY of course!
file-nov-21-9-01-49-pm file-nov-21-9-02-03-pm file-nov-21-9-04-00-pm
All of the things I mentioned above are WHY I started blogging.  I wanted to be able to connect with people by sharing my ideas, asking/answering questions, brainstorming with other SLPs, and share my experiences whether good or bad.  It’s really important to me to be honest and get personal!  Some of the most memorable conversations I have had with other SLPs are about things that DIDN’T work in therapy and how it could be changed or improved for the next time.  We all know that therapy doesn’t always go according to plan so why not share those experiences and gain insight from the other professionals in our field!
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Now let’s chat more about ASHA!  Myself and the 13 other SLP Bloggers hosted a Meet & Greet Event Thursday evening.  There was a lot of planning that went into this event and I must say it 110% paid off!  Over 250 people attended our event (INSANE!!).  We were so fortunate to have had fabulous sponsors that graciously donated prizes to be given away to our attendees.  The time I had spent at the booth with these AMAZING ladies made me realize some things.  1.  No matter the distance between us, we are always there to support each other whether work related or things happening in our personal lives.  2.  We have a lot in common in regards to  blogging about our experiences as SLPs, the pleasure we get from creating functional therapy materials, and the love we have for our profession.  3.  These ladies have hearts of gold,  are outstanding SLPs, and are friends I will have for a lifetime!
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If you have ever been to an ASHA convention you know there are so many incredible workshops, seminars, and presentations offered.  There are literally sessions that cover just about every topic in our field!  I’m always looking for ways to expand my knowledge on preschool therapy, AAC, Autism as well as learning practical tips and tricks!  I have to give shout outs to the incredibly talented and brilliant women I shared the SLP Blogger booth with who presented during ASHA!  Danielle from Sublime Speech, Felice from The Dabbling Speechie, Jenna from Speech Room News, Natalie Synders, Rachel from The Queen’s Speech, Jessica from Constantly Speaking, and Hallie from Speech Time Fun all are rockstars in my book!  Getting up in front of hundreds of people and sharing their knowledge on various topics is just one more reason why SLPs are THE BEST!
file-nov-21-9-14-33-pm file-nov-21-9-15-00-pm
There are so many companies and businesses at ASHA which is just another amazing part of the convention.  I am still on cloud 9 after meeting the FABULOUS ladies from SLP Toolkit, Barbara from Smarty Ears/Smarty Symbols, Mai Ling from Yapp Guru, and many more.  I even got to meet up with my friend and former classmate from undergrad, Erik Raj!  The list could go on and on but believe me when I say, this was an experience I will NEVER EVER FORGET!
file-nov-21-9-03-32-pm Finally I want to share with you the two goals I have set for myself after all of the reflecting I have done about ASHA….1.  Be more diligent about writing blog posts.  This may sound silly but honestly it’s something I struggle with off and on and I need to remember why I started doing all of this.  My thought is if I can share my weekly therapy and work-related experiences (good or bad) with all of you, maybe we can help each other become stronger SLPs!  2.  Take advantage of workshops, webinars, and meeting other SLPs (in-person or online) to continue to learn and expand my knowledge.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post…..Now, let’s get to my GIVEAWAY!  All of the SLP Bloggers including myself handed out “swag” during our times at the booth.  I stashed away a few of my heart stress balls (who DOESN’T need a stress ball?!) to give to one of you!  But it doesn’t stop there….one lucky winner will also be getting some special edition FLAIR PENS AND a $25 TpT Gift Certificate!  Enter below for your chance to win it all.  This giveaway will end at 11:59 PM EST this Friday November 25th and the winner will be announced on Saturday!  GOOD LUCK!
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